To download and install AGIS, first ensure that you have a directory on your hard disk that can be used for temporary storage of downloaded files – about 3.6Mb is required. Select “Download Version 1.73” from below. An installation file will then be copied to your computer called agis2008.exe. Run this file, and follow the instructions provided.

The only place that files are added to your system during installation are in the AGIS software directory. No changes or additions are made to files anywhere else. Methods to uninstall AGIS are also provided with the program.

Be sure to try out the new animation and map serving capability by running the example script files from the File|Run script menu item. There is a lot of information about this new capability in the on-line help file.

A tutorial to help you with making your own map displays has also been prepared. This is contained in an installation file called tutor158.exe which is 1,086 K in size and contains more than 70 pages. To install it, copy the tutor158.exe file to the directory/folder that you would like to install it to, and run it. The file is a self extracting zip file. The tutorial is in html format, so after unpacking it, start it up by opening the index.htm file using your web browser. There is also an Adobe PDF version that can be opened directly and printed if you have the Acrobat Reader software installed.

Download AGIS 2008 Edition v1.73 (3,652 K)

Upgrade AGIS v1.62 or later by copying this upgrade file (604 K) to your AGIS program folder and running it.

Download AGIS tutorial in PDF format (910 K)

The current release of AGIS is Version 1.73. This version will work on Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP and Vista.

An example Word 97/2000 document (491 K) containing high resolution maps cut and pasted from AGIS has also been prepared to demonstrate the quality of maps produced. If you have Word 97 or later, look at the file and print it on your best quality (color) printer. This file does not contain macros.

Demonstration MS Word document with embedded AGIS maps

For frequently asked questions see the AGIS FAQ page. For information on additional map and data files available free to registered users, see the AGIS registered user area.

Feedback from people who are using AGIS is very important to us, both to resolve difficulties, and also for ideas on what features to include in future releases. If you have any comments at all (good or bad), we would like to hear from you – particularly if you have had any installation problems, or have comments about the program after using it. Please use the “Your comments” button from the menu, or mail directly.

If you would like to upgrade from an earlier 32 bit version of AGIS, we suggest that you download and install this latest version and re-enter your password if you are a registered user. After checking that the new installation works correctly, copy the contents of your map and data folders to the new version.

If you are having trouble downloading the files from this web site, there is free software available that might help you. Downloading is more successful on bad connections if you use a package like Go!Zilla because this can resume an incompleted download, rather than starting again.