AGIS For Windows

Do you have geographically located information that you would like to display? Do you need software that will help you to put your information onto maps – without the high cost and intensive training normally required for this kind of software? AGIS for Windows is a mapping and simple GIS package specifically designed to be easy to use, and distributed as shareware via the world wide web. The available 32 bit version is designed for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and Vista. Mapping is vector based which produces high resolution results at any scale, and publication quality displays can be cut and pasted into popular packages such as MS Word. Distances can be measured on-screen, cursor position is constantly updated, and almost everything in a map display is configurable. Animation, web serving and linking AGIS to other applications such as databases is supported via a scripting language. Help is available on-line, and support and tutorials are available from this web site.

“A colleague found your web page through Google and I downloaded the demo version. In about one day of playing around with the demo and going through the best tutorial I have seen with software for a very long time, I started making exactly the maps I wanted. I’ve attached a couple of examples that I thought you’d like to see. It’s an outstanding product!”

Version 1.73 is now available for download. Since version 1.43, features such as animation, web map serving, integration with external applications and thematic mapping have been added. New features in version 1.62 compared to 1.59 are the ability to import MapInfo .mif files, much faster thematic map display and improved recognition of text/binary .e00 files. Changes since version 1.62 include support for Windows 2000, XP and Vista, and pasting metafiles to MS Word and Excel 2000 documents.

Have a look at the AGIS help file for details about the new capabilities.

Some comments from registered users

“Thanks for the quick delivery of the registering code (within 6 hours). I have now tested and experimented with the software for some days and it works great. Looking for such a program for a couple of years, it is just what I was looking for.”
(HG, Belgium)

“Excellent! This worked out great for mapping the locations of all the boats and yachts we have outfitted all over the world with marine stereo equipment!”

“Thanks for the prompt response with my registration. Thank you AGIS for providing GIS users with an excellent and cost effective program. Regards from South Africa!”
(BH, South Africa)

“Thanks. This is great software. And yes I would like to have the Map of Malaysia.”
(NO, Malaysia)

“I was really glad when I came across AGIS on the web. It looks like just the program for my needs.”
(DP, Canada)

“I have been using the AGIS Map of World for several little projects that I am working on. I am amazed at the detail. I think the World Map CD is tremendous source of information. It has saved me a lot of time on my projects. You have done a great job!”
(DF, Canada)

“I’ve just downloaded the AGIS demo package and my first impression is ‘wow’; this looks great! (BTW, I found it through the ZDNet web site.)”
(MI, Canada)

“I am ecstatic. I cannot tell you how hard I searched for a tool like this! I am using this as a tool to teach my children geography and history. Please keep me informed of any upgrades or other products you have.”

“I’m having so much fun with AGIS at the office that I have registered another copy for home use!”
(JP, UK)

“I wanted to send you an email letting you know how pleased I am with AGIS. I was able to do some really nice maps for a recent presentation. I think the interface is very easy to use and the versatility is great. I even added a helicopter symbol by scanning in a picture of a helicopter, digitizing with WinDig and then touching up the polygon in Microsoft Excel.”

“Thank you for your rapid and intelligent response. You were absolutely right, and the points are displaying great. If you’d like any testimonials, you can use us. We’re software people, so we know about quality software and support when we see it!”
(JB, Canada)

“I can say that this package has caused a stir and will certainly make some purchasing managers sit up and take notice. Credit and huge respect to Neil for this versatile tool.”
(detailed review for UK council use of AGIS in AGIS eGroup archive)
(NB, UK)

“The more I explore AGIS, the more satisfied I am. It does many things that the very expensively-priced mapping software can do. Thanks again!”
(MB, Switzerland)

“First, thankyou for the immediate response to my query regarding analysis features within AGIS. Your quick response was one of the factors that prompted me to register and to request the DCW data. You’ve done an excellent job producing such a powerful program at a reasonable price. Actually, I’m a retired cartographer who can’t resist a pretty map or a mapping program.”
(DG, Canada)

“I’m amazed at the way the AGIS map readjusts as soon as I edit the data file. I have even worked out how to keep the same base map cut out of the world map by editing the data layer for plots for the different species. My colleagues are very interested in AGIS and as stunned as I am by your helpfulness. I’m very pleased with the flexibility of being able to select the map area needed, high resolution of the maps when imported as metafiles into other programs, ease of use once the basic principles have been grasped, and of course, excellent customer care. Most people here have had so much trouble with producing maps that the usual procedure is still Letraset on one of our old sets of outline maps.”
(JC, UK)

“I was really finding my unregistered version a godsend for the work I do, which basically involves plotting customer locations and their estimated total purchases, and looking into future strategies for the company.”
(FD, UK)

“Thank you for your very prompt and efficient service. The world is growing smaller and smaller by the day. These are exciting times. I find your program to be an excellent one. I will integrate it with a an Excel program we are now developing.”

“Your AGIS program is absolutely superb, and rivals a very expensive package I witnessed in action last week. I have already recommended it to a friend, who has until now had no way of showing his wife what the records from his GPS mean when he takes his motorbike on tour.”
(LH, UK)

“I’ve been searching the net the last couple days and your program still stands out as the best value for money to me.”
(HC, South Africa)

“I’ll certainly let my colleagues and others know about your software which in the last 48 hours saved me about two weeks of work.”

“Many thanks. The oceanic base map is great – just enought topography to define an area, but not so much as to obsure data points. I use the base map to plot location of our marine sediment samples. You get the award for best software support.”

“Thank you for your very prompt reply. I have successfully downloaded and set up the files. The map looks impressive.”

“Thanks for everything it looks great.”

“I’d like an extract map for New Zealand. Thanks – great product by the way.”
(BA, New Zealand)

“That’s incredible. AGIS is surely one of the best (at least the best I’ve tried) GIS softwares. And the map has a lot of details and a real precision a difference de others. Muchas felicidades! Congratulations!”
(MB, Spain)

“A colleague found your web page through Google and I downloaded the demo version. In about one day of playing around with the demo and going through the best tutorial I have seen with software for a very long time, I started making exactly the maps I wanted. I’ve attached a couple of examples that I thought you’d like to see. It’s an outstanding product!”

“Thank you very much for the prompt delivery of registration data. After two evenings of using AGIS as well as Windig, I am delighted by the quality and capabilities of this software, which fulfills all my needs for earthquake epicenter plotting. Bravo to the developers.”
(BB, Switzerland)

These are all spontaneously provided feedback. We don’t canvass our users for comments, although we do provide prompt technical support for specific queries and we are interested in any feedback – good or bad. Our users often request additional features and we have already incorporated many of these.