LG Electronics IPS 4k Monitor Review

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LG Electronics IPS 4K monitor is one of my favorite 4K monitors to date because the monitor features provide you with one of the best picture quality in the market. The monitor reaches out to 34 inches width to provide a unique display when it comes to your PC. The monitor is not fully a 4K computer monitor but still performs by displaying the Ultra High Definition images across the screen. The monitor has added connectivity features; it has two thunderbolt ports that are mostly in Apple devices that helps increase the connective power. The monitor has a good physical design, with thinness and a support stand that is stable.

The 34-inch monitor has more to give, because it is Light Emissive Diode (LED) lit bringing a clear and bright display to you. The IPS monitor produces high quality images that cover image aspects such as shadow, color, brightness and image saturation. The number of pixels is 4 times more than a normal UHD TV meaning, it brings image quality to life with a display of the stunning images. Even though the 4K is an estimate in this monitor, the amount of pixels is outstanding for any 34-inch monitor.

When it comes to the sound, the LG monitor has two internal 5-Watt speakers that substitute the work of other PC speakers due to the clarity of sound they offer. The sound is of good quality even at higher volumes but at a certain point, the sound starts distortion at very high volumes. The internal speakers are in position to project the sound waves directly to you and avoid instances of wave interference when projecting its sound.


The In-plane switching (IPS) panel offers a display of more accurate colors. It provides good viewing angles that will allow you to work at different angles and still view the quality of the images. The monitor minimizes color loss by providing a wide color display and temperature to ensure the image display does not lack clarity in colors.

There can be a few issues when using the monitor but this mainly depends on the graphics card of your computer, this should not be much of an issue because the computer’s performance tries to cover up for this error. Also it is important to calibrate your monitor to improve the quality of the display output.


I would recommend anyone who uses a PC to try out this monitor and feel the clear display the IPS monitor from LG. The monitor is slightly expensive but with a fair income and a few savings, you can purchase the IPS monitor. The IPS monitor made me substitute my speakers because they offer much clear sound quality without interference and their internal position means you have more table space to position your keyboard and mouse, rather than before when the speakers took some of the space. The monitor is a great addition to your collection and with its vast variety of features, of both sound and picture.

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Getting To Grips With Mapping Software

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Mapping software can be a very valuable tool to any researcher but it won’t take you long till you realise that just like Photoshop, it can be a very daunting prospect for beginners. In order to help you get the ball moving we have come up with a mapping software 101 – to learn the basics.

What Is Mapping Software?

It always helps to begin with a clear understanding of what the mapping software is and it is most commonly referred to as geographic information systems (GIS). This system allows its users to usefully visualize and analyse data on top of a map.

How Can It Be Used?

xmap_publicworksWhat this does is allow us to see patterns and relationships between the data and across different geographical areas. A good example that is currently being used a lot in the media is world obesity rates, the GIS showing this data would highlight the likes of America and the UK, leaving areas like Africa alone. What this shows the user is that more economically developed countries are likely to have higher obesity rates.

The mapping software is therefore a system that you can enter data into and then manipulate it to show it on the surface of a map. You could show the entire earth of be specific enough to a 5-mile area if you wish. As you might have guessed from the above statement, the mapping software is reliant upon data, whether it is the basic geographic data that sets the boundaries of your study or the information that you input.

When You Might Need Mapping Software

The Internet is an ideal location for accessing maps and geographical locations, but the likes of Google maps can only be useful to a certain degree. If you are looking to use mapping software to help analyse your research then the chances are you are going to need software that allows you to display and present your data without it seeming cluttered or unintelligible.

GIS mapping software is usually the best bet in this regard and it allows you to be accurate to an incredible degree. For instance if you wanted to show the population of an area by the number of people living in each home then you could do this (providing you have the data to do so). The software even allows you to layer this information on top of others, so you could theoretically put the average income of a home on top of the number of people who live in it. This would therefore provide you with a unique look at an area and also give you plenty of different theories to prove with it.

agis_mapping-108897-9Is It Worth It?

Overall this form of mapping software is a great way to help you visualize data. It is a step up from regular mapping software and it requires strong data-analysis skill, but the results are usually worth the effort and there is unlimited potential to show your research. If this mapping software is something that interests you then it is possible to learn it from a variety of sources, it is often said that the real power of this software comes from those who use it and with more and more people getting involved it is more accessible than ever.




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